Conclusion: We’re all Ravenclaws! + video

Explore’s Trip to the Harry Potter Exhibit!

Yesterday, a few of us went to the Harry Potter exhibit at the Discovery Center in Times Square.  In short, it’s awesome.  If you can make it before the end of the school year, definitely check the exhibit out – New York is the last stop before the exhibit goes on an international tour.  You walk through the exhibit which consists of several galleries of props, costumes, and sets from the movies.  HD television screens hang on walls in every room, showing relevant movie scenes for each area.  The Dolores Umbridge section is ridiculously pink and adorned with china plates of cats.  Hagrid’s chair is ginormous – Jonah and I sat comfortably on it.  Marissa shrieked when she pulled up a mandrake (just as ugly as it was in the movie) while Taylor was happily throwing quaffles through Quidditch hoops.  The exhibit truly appealed to the Harry Potter fanatic.  You enter past the actual Hogwarts express (foggy and epic), the dementor room was creepy (if you stand in one particular spot, you can hear Voldemort whispering) and the Great Hall room contains all of the characters’ outfits from the infamous Yule Ball.  All in all, the exhibit was a lot of fun and we were all able to uncover the excitement from our youth.  Additionally, we eventually came to the conclusion that we were all Ravenclaws (nerds).  The best quote of the day also came with house selection when we witnessed “house sorting.”  A girl walked to the front of the room, and the “witch” asked, “Ah, what’s your favorite house?”  The girl answered, “Slytherin!”  And Marissa turned to us and whispered, “There’s always one.”

Jonah, Taylor, and Marissa  – thanks for coming with me.  So much fun, and I’m so glad that we went.  Here’s the video that I made…but warning, I had way too much fun playing with the random iMovie trailer formats.  Since we weren’t allowed to film inside the exhibit (which was AWESOME), we just went over the top in the gift shop. And then I played with my plastic time turner a while (unfortunately, I didn’t actually go back in time at all), but I did have fun making this. For kicks, I used one of iMovie’s “trailer” formats. I don’t know why, but I just found it really entertaining.  I’ve also included the Discovery Center’s advertisement video. (:

Also, I had to change the date for the Avenue Q trip – it’ll be on Sunday, May 1!


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